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I'm with Fizz (or Rocka I forget who said it earlier.) PCF was my first real forum, and it's definitely my favorite. PCF was what I joined first, and I worked so hard to become staff there, and once Capricorn was an admin again, I got that. It was the best feeling in the world. Now, I really don't mind what I am, but I really miss everything on PCF. This is a good forum, but PCF had everything that I loved, and I also had 1,000+ posts on there. There was so much drama with Tensa. I got him demoted because he was a bad mod and. Floatzel was mad too. Eventually, I got Lethe and Drago modded, and after that I left. I exposed Horus as Thorne and he got mad. Then, I made a bunch of proxy accounts, spammed the place, and then got my real account unbanned. Really, going about it that way was not the best, but I can't change the past. What happened happened. The best we can do now is love forward with what we have and make the best we can. We should always plan for greatness in the future, though. Also, I have some advice for those new to forums: if you get offended, be sure to look at the situation from both sides. If you feel it is unfair, talk to them IN A CIVIL MANNER before doing anything rash, and if they are being difficult, talk to staff. It's their job to keep the peace (as well as a plethora of other things, so don't get mad if you think they are being slow to cater to you,) so going to them is the next best thing to do. Don't ransack the place with spam, do everything in a level-headed manner and a forgiving heart.

Okay now I can go back into hiding

I mod the Smogon Forums. If you have any questions, you can VM me!

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