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Default [Gen II] Mateo's Gold and Silver Flight Lander

Hey all, this is a simple tool that I wrote for editing the flight locations in Gold and Silver. It lets you edit the Map Bank, Map Number, X, and Y values assoicated with each flight location, including the unused slots that should still be usable if you set the appropriate flags in Bit Table 2. All numbers used are in decimal, since most map editors seem to display these values in decimal (and its easier to count in decimal than hexadecimal anyway). If you need to convert a hex value to decimal, windows calculator can do it easily so I didn't include a convertor in the program.

As you can see, its nothing fancy, just something I put together one day to make my life easier and I thought I would release it after seeing another one posted here since mine seemed to edit a few more things. Anyway, feel free to use it if you like.

Download: Mediafire Download
For Windows only. Tested and working on XP and 7. Programmed in VB6.

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