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I have rebalanced all the Pokemon. Over halfway done with the attacks. Tested a few play throughs until I got the boulder badge each time. Definitely way more challenging. Increased the chance of effects being applied to the same amount as the attacks accuracy. Example Scratch now does 5 dmg, has 75 accuracy, 50 PP and a 75% chance to lower enemy accuracy by 1.

Pound lowers defense
Tackle can cause flinching etc etc. I've put alot of work in so far. Even changed some moves totally and renamed them. Leer is now called CHALLENGE and stops retreat.
Stronger moves have less PP and less accuracy so let's say you have a strong move and a weak one that both add the same effect. Burn,poison, lower attack etc
There's less chance of the effect working on the stronger move but it will almost always work on the weaker one which keeps weaker moves useful.

Another example.

SPITFIRE(EMBER) Does 12 damage, 70% accuracy and 70% chance to burn target. And has 45 PP

But FLAMETHROWER Does 35 damage, 60% accuracy and 60% chance to burn etc. And has 20 PP
So there's a better chance of landing good damage but less chance for a burn. Pretty much every move in the game is working on a similar formula. Coupled with the Pokemons modified stats this won't be a game where you can just spam your stronger moves and wipe out whole teams. I've adjusted all the type tables and Pokemon types to the point that 4x damage is extremely rare. You actually have to think a little to win.

I'll be posting a beta probably fridayish
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