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Default Advanced Song: GBA Music Editor [Alpha 0.5]

Advanced Song: GBA Music Editor

Greetings! Today, I come before with what I hope is a ground-breaking new tool, Advanced Song!
Advanced Song is my attempt to create a tool that has what I felt was needed in Sappy.

For now, it's in an alpha stage, and is pretty unstable-ish, and just barely ready for release.


  • Find the Song Table and Song Count
  • Assemble .s Files!
  • Disassemble to .s Files!
  • Change a Song's Voicegroup
  • View the Individual Tracks of a Song
  • Change Track Instrument and Volume (and more!) ~ Will be part of a later release.
  • Edit Voicegroups
  • Edit Waveforms (a part of voicegroups)
  • Edit Wave Samples! (including compressed samples!)
Green = Completed, Red = In Development



The latest interface.

The Track Viewer (for the alpha)

The Voicegroup Editor

The Waveform Editor (for Voicegroups)

The Wave Sample Editor
(A Work in Progress)


Alpha 0.5: Here
** Please read this post before using:
Requirements: Advanced Song will work on any computer that can run a Windows executable on the .NET 4.0 Framework.

Interested? Suggestions? Please, let me know. I like it when people tell me things about my tools.

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