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Default Team Salamence

Hack Name: Pokemon Darkness Falls
Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red Version
Information about the Hack: Hi! I'm looking to create a hack with many new typings on the original first, second and third generation Pokemon. I will edit starter Pokemon, TM's, store inventory, prices, attack damage and types. Also, I will edit the stats of a large number of Pokemon, usually increasing them, the way some Pokemon evolve, and the types of some Pokemon. It will include all 807 Pokemon, all the Mega Evolutions, mega stones, mega evolving by pressing start while viewing a Pokemon's moves, and all the Alolan forms.
Finished Percentage: 0.2%
My Hacking Skills:
Proficient with Gen 3 tools that edit basic things such as stats, types, and mapping.
What Skills I'm Looking For:
-Morale Booster(s) (unique idea provider[s])
-Palette Artist(s)
-Palette Editor(s)
-Graphic Designer(s) - Must know how to insert images into ROMs Optional: Know how to design Pokemon
-Graphics Updater(s)
-Tileset Maker(s)
-General Ideas
-Concept Artist(s)

Team Name: Team Salamence

I want this hack to feature:
-A faithful and a non-faithful patch, so that all the stat and type changes will be optional
-15+ new typings such as Meganium is now Grass/Fairy type
-15+ changes to moves (Ex: Slash now does 80 damage, with a 9.8% chance to flinch)
-Ability changes, such as Meganium now has Thick Fat
-Completely changed wild Pokemon, with previously unobtainable Pokemon now obtainable
-Increased trainer, gym leader, and Elite Four difficulty (Ex: All gym leaders have six Pokemon)
-New trainers
-20+ changes to stats to make the game feel fresh, and to give an added layer of challenge
-New moves added (Ex: Gyarados now learns Fly)
-Possibly new Light type
-Fairy type
-Having Pokemon changed to these two types (for ex.: Mareep, Flaaffy, and Ampharos may be changed to secondary Light types)
-Physical/Special split
-New moves added, such as Wind Strike (Flying type, Physical, 75 Power, 100% Accuracy, 15 PP, 10% chance of flinching)
-Gen 4 and 5 moves added
-Moves changed to Fairy and Light type, such as Flash ---> Light type
-New ways to evolve Pokemon, such as Scyther evolving while holding a Metal Coat at level 30 into Scizor
-New dialogue
-New events
-New music
-Prof. Oak being changed to Prof. Mahogany
-Trainers, gym leaders and Elite Four have different Pokemon than in the original game
-Map changes
-TM's changed, such as Dynamicpunch ---> Mach Punch
-Prices changed, such as Magnet changed from 100 ---> 10000
-Gift Pokemon
-New stones (Mega stone, Trade stone, Light stone)
-Gen 4+ exp system
-Gen 4+ repel system
-Unlimited TM uses
-Running shoes
-New title screen
-New Legendary Pokemon battles
-New non-Legendary Pokemon battles
-New Mega Evolutions such as Haxorus-Mega and Avalugg-Mega
-New Alolan Pokemon such as Growlithe-Alola and Arcanine-Alola
-New evolution Dugking (Dugtrio ---> 42)
-A lighthearted feel
-Nods to Pokemon games
-Plot centered around Darkrai

The moves I have come up with as of 12:44 P.M. EST on 10/14/17:

Light - Purge: Does 110 spec. damage. 30% of paralyzing. 70% acc.
Light - Aura Beam: Does 90 spec. damage. 10% of flinching.
Light - Aura Cannon: Does 80 spec. damage. 30% of lower spec. def.
Flying - Wind Punch: Does 75 phys. damage. 10% of flinching.
Ghost - Shadow Spell (Darkrai – Shadow): Does 120 spec. damage. 10% of confusing. 95% acc. 10 PP.
Dark - Fang Attack: Does 30 x 2 phys. damage.
Dark - Fang Charge: Does 90 phys. damage. Ľ recoil.
Normal - Cut: 60 damage.
Flying – Tornado: 55 damage. 20% chance to flinch.
Poison – Acid Rain: Special. 80 damage. 50% chance to poison opponent. 10 PP.
Dark – Pitch Black: All stat changes are reset. If Dark type, raises Sp. Att and Speed by 1 stage each in addition to all stat changes being reset.
Rock – Meteor Shower: 110 Dam. 85% Acc. 10 PP.
Ice – Snow Storm: Lowers the foe’s speed by 2 stages.
Fire – Fireball: Physical. 80 Dam. 100% Acc. 15 PP.
Dark – Eclipse: Special. 90 Dam. 100% Acc. 10 PP.
Dark – Total Eclipse: Raises user’s Sp. Att, Sp. Def, and Speed by 2 stages. Requires a turn to charge.
Dark – Apocalypse: Signature move of Darkrai-Primal. 150 Dam. 95% Acc. 10 PP.
Flying – Tropical Storm: 100 Dam. 80% Acc.
Flying – Ragnarok: 150 Dam. 90% Acc. Increased critical hit ratio. Lowers user’s accuracy by 1 stage.
Light – Divine Light: Raises the user’s Sp. Att by 2 stages, and raises the user's Sp. Def by 1 stage.
Flying – Tropical Breeze: Restores ˝ the user’s health.
Ice – Frost Tackle: 40 Dam. Phys.
Ice – Frozen Charge: 90 Dam. Phys, 1/4 recoil.

Application Form:
Proof of Work
Past Experience
Contact Information: Discord Username or Email Address
Time Zone
OPTIONAL: Notes (Any questions, concerns, opinions, etc.)
You may apply for more than one position.

Thanks, and have a good day.
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