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Default [Developing]PokeX - ROM based Pokemon Online Game


I would like to begin by saying that my english is not good, but i hope this will be readable.

Like the title may hint, PokeX is going to be ROM based pokemon game. It means every resource will be loaded from ROM. Practically, for running the game you will need to have Pokemon FireRed USA 1.0 version. I decided to make PokeX open source, so it can be modified for other versions.

PokeX will be online game and thus splitted in two parts, PokeXClient and PokeXServer. Everyone can make his own server and customize it, it will be similiar to RunUO (Ultime Online emulator), but I'm programming PokeXClient now. It will look same as official Pokemon FireRed, so 15x10 tile resolution, same fonts, same graphics, etc...

Next i'll focus on programming language. PokeX is written in C# targeted to .NET 1.1 platform and uses Managed DirectX 1.1 for rendering graphics. Although Managed DirectX (MDX) 1.1 is quite obsolete, it doesn't require any runtime unlike XNA, so the game should easily run on any windows computer without installing other components. PokeX also benefits from MDX ability to run High Level Shader Language (HLSL) code, which is executed directly by graphic card and is very fast in contrast with C#. For example, tileset, blockset and blockmap can be loaded as textures and assembled by HLSL to final map, which can save a lot of processor time. On the other side, you will need graphic card with Pixel shader 3.0+ and Vertex shader 3.0+, but this shouldn't be problem nowadays.

I'd like to highlight one thing. I actually don't think i will ever complete this project, because lack of time. This is why i'm making it open source, so every one can continue or just use it in his project. C# is good language to begin and relatively easy to understand, so modifying PokeX should be easy too.

That's all I wanted to say, feel free to ask anything.



Current version
PokeXClient v0.0.0.02

1) 0 - alfa/beta, 1 - release
2) 0 - pre alpha, 1 - alpha, 2> beta
3) 0 - non playable, 1> playable
4) build

Base Info
- platform .NET 1.1
- language C#
- graphic MDX 1.1
- shader HLSL

PokeXClient v0.0.0.02

- first usable version
- it can load maps from ROM
- you can move with arrows and change map by +/-

PokeXClient v0.0.0.01

- it can only load ROM and check if it is valid

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