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Default Pokemon Crystal 251

Hack of Pokemon Crystal

This project I've made back in 2013, if you seen this on Youtube before, yes I'm now releasing it. This project features all 251 pokemon catchable in Pokemon Crystal, through Johto. Some of the Pokemon can only be caught in the Morning, Day or Night but don't worry about that. Anywho, Hope you guys like it.

- All 251 Pokemon Catchable
- Trade & Trade with item Pokemon catchable in either Johto or Kanto
- Catch the Johto Starters on Route 29
- Same Difficulty as Pokemon Crystal
- Mewtwo, Mew & Celebi catchable in Sliver Cave
- All Pokemon can be caught by Event or in the Wild


To the person who made GSC Wild Pokemon Editor



Notes from the Creator:
The Pokemon that can be obtainable normally in Crystal have the same locations in the game & can be caught by Event or in the Wild. Unobtainable Pokemon are in the Wild in Johto. Some pokemon are obtainable in Morning, Day or Night so keep track of the time. I hope you like the game and appreciate the work I've done in it. The locations for the Unobtainable Pokemon are in a document located in the Downloads section. Anywho, Enjoy playing!

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