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Originally Posted by SirZexx View Post
Haha the game is quiet interesting got myself into it

Wanna work together I am in a team already but I work as a mapper they requested me to do a map for a whole region because character gonna be joining Team Rocket this time but sadly Idk how to insert tiles and how to do world map editor other than that I am pretty much good in advance map

[Warps, events anything apart from those 2 and yes I can build map and change pallets just dont know how to insert tiles.]

I also have a idea for the storyline for our own Hack if your interested ^.^

But yea, Congrats I really enjoy your hack
I've inserted my own tiles before for one of my hacks & I know how to do it so I can help you on how to do it if you need help

You can tell me
Thank you, means a lot
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