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Default Repointing Text

Hi, everyone! This tutorial teaches you how to repoint the text!
You see, Advance Text sometimes overwrite the other text offsets of the nearby text when you repoint.
Because the repointing feature in Advance Text isn't working properly.
That is why I made this tutorial!

Advance Text
Hex Editor (I prefer HxD)

1. Save a back-up of your ROM!
2. Write your new text in XSE, then compile. Take note of the text offset.
#dynamic 0x800000

#org @text
= Cookies are great.\nCakes are fantastic.\lPineapples are cool.\pBlablabla repointing is easy.\pYou know? I like Pok\h1bmon!\nSo do you!
3. Open Advance Text, search for a text you wanna edit. Take note of the text offset.

4. Switch the first two and the last two digits of the offset, then add 08.


5. Open your Hex Editor and load your ROM, search for the for that offset. For me it's CB6F1C08.

6. Once you find that, replace it with the new text offset (from the 2st step). Do the same thing from the 4th step. I got 800000, so it's 00008008.

7. Save, and test!

Congrats! You just repointed your text! I hope this helps, thank you.
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