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Question A few questions

As I've mentioned on my intro(I think) and my concept thread, I want to try to start small and then build up to something a little more elaborate when it comes to rom hacking and learning more about it.

So for now, I'll ask a few questions as a beginner so I can get on the right track:
  1. How do I turn my changes into a patch?(I really couldn't find this anywhere.)
  2. Can I get some recommendations for some programs to use for some minor hacking or at least start working with?
  3. Is there a definitive way to insert Front/Backsprites to Emerald or Fire Red? For the love of Arceus, I've tried 4 different methods and I either get the game crashing, the method not showing the change, or the program I use having issues after I insert the sprites(until I use a new rom base).
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