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Here's a nice long one for you:
Context: Meowth wanted to play Minecraft but his laptop overheats too quickly.

[11:13.38] <Team_Fail> Meowth: Have you tried using coretemp to see how warm it's actually getting?
[11:13.47] <Team_Fail> and perhaps getting a cooling pad helps
[11:13.50] <Team_Fail> and cleaning out the fans
[11:14.19] <Meowth> Nah, but I can feel it. It needs to be opened up and cleaned oit, but im usually only good at doing that with desktops
[11:14.38] <Team_Fail> i just took a can of compressed air to the air vent on the side
[11:14.40] <Team_Fail> it usually works well
[11:14.48] <Meowth> Laptops are always tricky like a japanese car >.>;
[11:14.58] <Meowth> Pushing it inward?
[11:15.07] <Meowth> Cuz I have compressed air
[11:16.01] <Meowth> Seems sketchy to me and I should probably wait til im sober lol
[11:16.14] <Team_Fail> yeah, just poke the straw in, not too far, and squeeze
[11:16.21] <Team_Fail> but while the pc is off though
[11:16.26] <Team_Fail> or else you might fuck some shit up
[11:16.36] <Meowth> Yeah ill take the battery out too.
[11:16.59] <Meowth> I helped kill some old ladys computer with compressed air last summer while fixing it
[11:17.39] <Meowth> Buuut... I kinda had her use it in the power supply fan on her 2003 winxp desktop and she helled it there a while lol
[11:17.48] <Meowth> Held wow
[11:18.00] <Meowth> Hella good spelling me
[11:18.16] <@Bela> lol
[11:18.31] <@Bela> I don't trust using compressed air
[11:18.40] <@Bela> at least not the stuff I found
[11:19.16] <Meowth> Better than using a leafblower in a garage like one kid i know lol
[11:19.27] <Team_Fail> lol wtf
[11:19.31] <Meowth> He fried his brand new desktop, mokay maybe 3 months old
[11:19.34] <Team_Fail> that's overkill
[11:19.36] <Team_Fail> like
[11:19.38] <Team_Fail> beyond overkill
[11:19.40] <Meowth> Luckily he had a warranty
[11:19.48] <Team_Fail> i'm shocked that warranty even covered that
[11:19.51] <Meowth> Lol
[11:20.03] <Meowth> They didnt tell best buy thats what he did
[11:20.04] <Mako> Ive said how I keep my laptop cool havent i?
[11:20.12] <Team_Fail> a fan?
[11:20.16] <Team_Fail> your biggest one?
[11:20.50] <Mako> well not my biggest cause thats a 20" box fan
[11:20.58] <Team_Fail> i remember those things
[11:21.00] <Team_Fail> my god
[11:21.12] <Meowth> Might as well use a leafblower lolol
[11:21.14] <@Bela> a leaf blower oh my god
[11:21.19] <@Bela> how insane do you have to be
[11:21.21] <@Bela> to think that even
[11:21.22] <Team_Fail> ^
[11:21.29] <Team_Fail> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
[11:21.38] <Mako> this thing is from an old emachines that I took apart
[11:21.39] <@Bela> hey guys did you know if you take your motherboard
[11:21.42] <@Bela> and put it in a microwave
[11:21.44] <Mako> the fan I mean
[11:21.47] <@Bela> it'll make it nice and clean???
[11:21.50] <Team_Fail> lol
[11:22.08] <Meowth> Oh and if you put peanut butter on your ram sticks it speeds it up
[11:22.10] <Team_Fail> or if you put your iphone 6 in your back pocket, you can fix all the scratches in your screen?
[11:22.18] <@Bela> yes that's right
[11:22.26] <@Bela> ram sticks like peanut butter
[11:22.32] <Meowth> Lol
[11:22.33] <Team_Fail> and before i forget
[11:22.39] <Team_Fail> i better download some more ram
[11:22.39] <@Bela> like celery sticks are good with peanut butter
[11:22.44] <Meowth> Hahahaha
[11:22.45] <@Bela> so clearly they're good here too
[11:22.54] <Team_Fail> bitches love ram
[11:22.58] <Mako> This has been another segment of what not to do with tech
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