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Default how to add EXTRA pokemon?

Hey there, so as you can see by my post count I am still a newb... very newb :P
But I have been working on a ROM hack for pokemon emerald and it has got to the stage where I want to add gen 4, 5 (maybe 6) and mega evolutions to the game. So obviously not knowing how to add pokemon I turned to youtube. But every video on their, that I looked at, showed how to REPLACE pokemon, so get rid of Bulbasaur for Snivy (for example). But I don't want to do that, I want to add in the 200+ pokemon that were added without removing any.

So simple question, how do I do this? I have/can get all the tools you state, but a tutorial that shows how to add pokemon, preferably with a commentary (if it's a video) or pictures if it's a forum thread would be nice seeing as I am still new to this and the combo is a real help

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I did do a quick search and nothing showed.

Thank a lot
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