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Context: Painter is a bot made by cosarara for the irc chat, and if certain words are spelled in certain ways, it can kick you from the channel. The following happens once it left this evening:

[11:57.44] * Painter ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[11:58.17] <+Mako> yay no more painter
[11:59.54] <Team_Fail> pokemons
[11:59.57] <Team_Fail> pokemons
[11:59.58] <Team_Fail> pokemons
[12:00.00] <Team_Fail> pokemons
[12:00.00] <Team_Fail> HA
[12:00.02] <+Mako> palet
Edit: Then it returned:

[12:00.47][12:01.49] * Painter ([email protected]) has joined channel #rhm
[12:01.49] * ChanServ sets mode +o Painter for #rhm
[12:02.00] <+Mako> damn
[12:02.20] <Team_Fail> fucking hell
Edit: Talking about ORAS:

[08:24.04] <@GoGo_Sick> and may needed to get a life
[08:24.05] <Team_Fail> praise it
[08:24.12] <Team_Fail> May wanted the D so much
[08:24.14] <Team_Fail> like
[08:24.15] <@GoGo_Sick> like every single minute
[08:24.16] <Team_Fail> i'm not kidding
[08:24.20] <@GoGo_Sick> the end too
[08:24.26] <@GoGo_Sick> like you just rode a bike next to me for hours
[08:24.30] <@GoGo_Sick> across the land
[08:24.33] <@GoGo_Sick> and then you want to take a walk
[08:24.38] <@GoGo_Sick> and do your dance
[08:24.40] <Team_Fail> the dad gives you a ticket to mossdeep's fireworks thing to take may with you
[08:24.47] <Team_Fail> it's like everyone wants May to have your D
[08:24.49] <Team_Fail> but you're like
[08:25.06] <Team_Fail> lol no i have standards
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