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Default Pokemon PurePink

Name: Pokémon PurePink
Base ROM: Fire Red (U)

You are a girl who for the first time leaves her hometown, Greeninville, to reach the near village and spend a night with a childhood friend.
The mother of her friend is a Pokémon professor and she asks to you and her daughter to give her a help to complete the Pokédex. You accept and your mother also agrees.
But soon, you will face a Team Xeno grunt. Team Xeno is a criminal organization that wants to torture and eradicate feminine creatures to make a manly and rude world.
The main objective of the game is to defeat Team Xeno as a girl and demonstrate that also girls can KICK A$$ES.

Q: Why Fire Red?
A: Because it looks modern by default and to me is more suitable than Emerald.

Q: Isn't it a very complex topic for a Pokémon game?
A: Well, maybe, but I think that people of all ages can play Pokémon, and also, people of all ages need to respect each other without differentiation by race, sex, sexual orientation, political belief, religion, etc...

Q: Well, the intro screen says that this game is against gender discrimination. So, why can't I be a boy?
A: Because of this game's plot you need to feel like in a girl's body, even if you are phisically a boy. You can choose your appearance to fit your personality.

Q: Are you a feminist or what?
A: I am feminist and I support the rights of LGBT people... (no, I don't think that girls must have more rights than boys or that LGBT people must have more rights than straight and cis people. I think they should have equal rights).

Q: Can I help and suggest some changes for the ROM?
A: Sure, if you find something that you don't like and you think that it would be better, I'm open for suggestions.

Q: I think this game is a great idea!
A: This is not a question.

Title Screen





First battle script

This one has spoilers!


by MercuryShadowScizor


  • The second chapter (A cry in my dreams) is COMPLETE!
  • The region map is COMPLETE (You can obtain it talking to your neighbour in Greeninville. Check it out)!
  • New overworlds and backsprites
  • New maps and explorable areas
  • Team Xeno is formed

Bugs / Issues known in this release (beta 2):
  • You cannot continue your adventure from beta 1, since some flags and vars have been changed.
  • It ends in Woop Swamp (after the last event).
  • Not-programmed houses are closed to prevent crashes.
  • The score board on the 1st floor of the Pokémon Center mutes the music. (Don't know how to fix)
  • Professor Ashley's overworld is still provisional (I know, I'm lazy and I'm really bad in making overworlds).
  • Running shoes overworlds and HM-using overworlds are provisional.
  • Map signposts are the Fire Red's default trainer icons

Old versions:


HG/SS Music patch:

Outside tileset:
Mapmaster / Darkrai

Interior tileset:

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