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I, personally am glad its not as crazy as PC. You get drowned out and over looked so easily there. Without going out and investing the time to make a name for yourself there, you get nowhere, and thats time i wanna use to develop my skills. I went back today just to see if anyone had ever replied to my post looking for tools and i had only one response.

And he was kinda rude at that.

Sure he answered, but not in the way ppl here have. Ive not gotten only answers to questions, dumb ones at that, but advice and in a friendly manner.

Honestly, fighting among yourselves will get you nowhere, just like when a Dotrio gets pissed lol

I think it will work itself out, and i dont know L&Z personally but judging from the quality of LC, i think this place is in good hands. That hack is now the standard in my eyes, i just discovered it and was amazed.

All you guys, staff or not, are what makes this site the Voltorb (nod if you get the pokepun lol) and it wouldnt be what it is without you, and ppl like me would be lost in the white wash of sites like PC, and more than likely would had GIVEN UP had it not been for PHO.

This survey, i think, is meant to bring ppl together to move towards a better position, not divide and bicker. It should be about sharing ideas and taking all that into consideration to evolve.

Anyway, i just wanted to say that, mainly cause i have insamnia and have been working on my hack for almost 2 solid days now and needed a breather. Dont judge me lol

Happy Hacking!
"Humans may have created me, but they will never enslave me! This cannot be my destiny!" -Mewtwo
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