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Hey guys, hope everyone had a great christmas and new years, just wnated to say due to the amount of people needing to drop out and the amount of submissions we have, the contest is going to get a months extension. The submission deadline is now Janruary 31st 2014 so you no longer need to drop out and can have a fair chance to make a submission, unless you want to stay dropped out that is.

Due to the extension, I'm allowing all current submitters (you know who you are) to spend time finishing, improving their current submission if you want to, otherwise we'll take your current submission as the final one by the deadline.

Christmas is a busy time for everyone and we didn't give enough thought for everyone here, making the deadline a bit too short. Hopefully now it's a little more fair for everyone, and we'll consider this for next years contest.

Merry (late) Christmas to you all, and a Happy New Year!

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