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Default Simple request from a super noob

Hello, buddies!

I've been hacking a ROM for a few days and there are a fewwww things I would like to change to make my experience more entertaining.
Problem is that I'm a joke as a programmer, so I need aid!

1) There is this one event where a Gyarados shows up and I need to make it uncatchable. There is this other event that, of a Tentacruel, that I want to be catchable.

2) There is this one map that Pokémon simply won't spawn in that grass! Curiously, Advance Map tool clearly shows that species are available in that area.

3) Using YAPE, some Pokémon simply can't learn more moves... like Magikarp, that can only have 3. How to change that?

4) How do I set stats gain via level up? I have these stats based evolution that have to be very balanced to work.

Thank you all so much!

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