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Hello all. Thank you Pia for starting this thread on an issue I find important.

As some may remember from previous hack competitions on Pokecommunity, there is a real problem with the way these events are handled, and it really shows. There is a real sentiment that these hack competitions are not reflections of what is the best in the community. I suspect many here share that feeling.

The competitions at Pokecommunity experience several problems. Judges are often inexperienced in giving unbiased appraisals to hacks. Hack selection for many competitions is arbitrary and at the staff's discretion, as is much of the process itself. These problems are, unfortunately, hard to address at Pokecommunity.

Thankfully, there is another solution. Instead of hoping for positive changes to be made to PC's hack competition process, PHO and RHM can create their own hack competition. This will both raise the bar and give members of the hacking community a fair competition for their hacks.

To make this a success, this competition must be run by people who can give an unbiased appraisal and objectively judge the hacks in the competition.

I'm concerned that the PC hack competitions are skewed in favor of hacks which are the most "popular"--not what is truly the "better" hack. While this may seem to be addressed with a judging process, the judges often are given much free reign to use subjectivity in their decisions--and they are often themselves biased toward whatever is more popular. I want everyone in this community--myself included--to have a fair chance of our hacks winning a competition.

It's easy to deride Pokecommunity's hack competitions as unfair and flawed. It's another matter to actually want to do something about it.

What do you guys think?

@Aperso: You're missing the point if you're thinking about this in terms of forum activity. I understand these forums are not very active, but insisting that something can't work to gain activity because activity is not high is circular reasoning.

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