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Default XY Cry Resource

This package contains the XY cries for all pokemon from gens 1-6, excluding Mega forms. They are already in the format the gen 3 games use, so all you have to do is open the files in a hex editor, drop them in the ROM somewhere, and repoint the cry table entry to the appropriate cry. Note that you will also have to change the pointer as these are uncompressed: normal cry pointers are enumerated as follows:

20 3C 00 00 XX XX XX XX FF 00 FF 00

For the cries in this resource, you will need to replace the 20 with 00. The cry table is located at x48C914 in Fire Red and x69DCF4 in Emerald. In both ROMs a secondary table exists immediately after the first, which will also need to be fixed; this is used for the move Growl.

Give credit to Chaos Rush if these are used, as he was the one to originally insert all of the cries into the ROM; I just wrote the script to rip them.
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