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We've fixed most of the bugs and issues present before, therefore we decided to release it soon instead of waiting until the next list of locations and features rolls around.
So here it is, a bugfix for the previous alphas and a little bit of addition.

* SAVES MUST BE RESTARTED FROM PREVIOUS VERSIONS (Save states and save files themselves)
* If you faint and return to a PC, your mother greets you
* PC and Mart (and their signs) can be seen loading as you walk by them
* PC and Mart (and their signs) look weird when the player runs around them
* Using a Key Item in the Bag results in Oak greeting you
* If the player watches the intro until the end, the game is unresponsive until he/she resets the game
* Using the New Game function is broken

No Mystery Gift this time, folks.

Links details:

Get a clean, untouched rom of your choice and apply the ups patch that corresponds to it. Use a UPS patcher.

Fire Red patch (Use the rom dump "Pokemon Fire Red (U)(Squirrels)")-

To patch, simply open the UPS patcher and follow these steps:
Download a clean rom of your choice and download the patch that goes with it.
Click "Apply Patch to an Existing File"
Where it says UPS Patch File to Apply, browse the patch file.
Next under that, browse for the clean rom.
Hit patch and enjoy!

If you receive a checksum error, your rom isn't clean and must be received 100% vanilla, or untouched. Since I am not allowed to post links to roms or tell you where to get them, it's on you to find a clean rom. Good luck!
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