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Default Pokémon Derpizard

Before you dismiss this hack as stupid or not worthy of your time, I would like to let you know, this is what I would like to call a "comedy" hack. This hack isn't meant to have a nice unique storyline or loveable charactors. It is meant for someone to be able to come home to after a long day and be able to sit down and laugh a bit at the sheer stupidity involved in the making of this hack.

The idea for POKéMON DERPIZARD was formed during an IRC conversation over at RHO. Basically, we were all throwing around the funny looking sprties that went into the Japensese RED and GREEN versions when the sprite for Charizard came up.

This image looked so derpy to us that Clacla named it DERPIZARD and I decided it needed a hack of its own. The origional conversation can be found here:

<shinyquagsire> lol, the japenese R/G mew looks so weird.
<Clacla> lol
<Karatekid552> right? I always loved the mewtwo one too.
<Clacla> it looks like a result of incest or something
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<Bela> lol ew
<Bela> that mew
<Bela> incest isn't enough to spawn such deformity
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<Clacla> lmao
<Slasher> roses i got my fiancee
<Clacla> incest+crack+dumpster birth
<Clacla> = that mew
<Karatekid552> how about golbat?
<Karatekid552> that thing is enough to scare any child
<Clacla> why is its tongue so long
<Karatekid552> why were gen I sprites so ugly???
<Karatekid552> especially the back ones
<Slasher> cos it was gen 1
<Slasher> and 1995
<Slasher> lol
<Bela> lol
<Clacla> look at gen 1 charmeleon back
<Karatekid552> it's just not the same out of grayscale..
<Karatekid552> Clacla: all
I can find is a bunch of random pixel images, where is this
charmeleon back you speak of?:p
<Bela> oh my I remember that
<Karatekid552> I know, I was joking. Charamander was my starter and I wish I never let it evolve
into... that thing..
<Clacla> lmao
<Clacla> i just pressed b until level 35
<Karatekid552> I wish...
<Clacla> i only had to put up with one level of it
<Clacla> but sprite of the year award goes to
<Clacla> derpizard
<Clacla> pokemon green's charizard
<Karatekid552> it's even facing the wrong way, lol
<Clacla> it is by far my favorite gen 1 sprite
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<Karatekid552> derpizard... I like that
<Clacla> feel free to use that xD
<Karatekid552> I'm going to make a hack around that....
<Bela> lol
<Karatekid552> DERPIZARD!
<Clacla> lmao
<Bela> u silly :p
<Clacla> give it splash and growl
<Karatekid552> you think I'm joking;p
<Karatekid552> Clacla: you are a genius
<Bela> you think I think you're kidding by saying you're silly to do it :p
<shinyquagsire> I think that you think that we'll think that you're thinking of doing it.
<Clacla> but at lvl 100 let it learn sacred fire
<Clacla> or even better
<Clacla> explosion
<Karatekid552> and you think that I think that you think that I think that you think that
shinyquagsire is right.
<Clacla> make it so you cant catch any pokemon
<Karatekid552> that would be awful...
<Karatekid552> :D
<Clacla> so you only get derpizard
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<Clacla> remove all grass from the game xD
<Clacla> and leave the water
<Clacla> but no surf or fishing
<MrAPT1> I actually like fetus mew
<MrAPT1> sue me
<Clacla> k
<Karatekid552> all Pokemon encountered are depizard....
<Bela> karatekid: I don't think so
<Clacla> yes
<Bela> ;P
<Clacla> do it
<Clacla> i will support the hell out of that hack
<Bela> yeah do it
<Karatekid552> okay
<Clacla> im going to make an amazing banner
<Karatekid552> I hack gen 3, so.... do we want to upscale or am I going to learn how to hack gen 1?
<Clacla> keep it gen 3
<Clacla> pokemon ruby
<Karatekid552> my fav
<Clacla> derpizard will fit in
<Karatekid552> should I resize the sprite or leave it
<Clacla> leave it so people can appriciate it
<Karatekid552> this is going to be amazing
<Clacla> i know
<Bela> are you gonna make an overworld sprite for it
<Karatekid552> I'm going to need to give it a real move set...
<Clacla> replace every ow with derpizard
<Karatekid552> cause it will be hard to get somewhere with slash
<Clacla> mhm
<Karatekid552> splash**
<Clacla> ok lvl 1 let it learn water gun
<Clacla> level 7 confusion
<Clacla> level 15 splash
<MrAPT1> level 99 let it learn rock slide
<Karatekid552> hahah
<Clacla> level 21 spore
<Karatekid552> damn auto correct
<Clacla> lol
<Clacla> level 100 evolve to magicarp
<Karatekid552> omg!!!
<Bela> is it going to be like
<Clacla> just to screw cheaters
<Karatekid552> so everything shall be derpizard
<Karatekid552> everything
<Clacla> yes
<Bela> a revamp or the original
<Clacla> every ow and sprite
<Clacla> the original
<Karatekid552> all wild Pokemon, trainers, and Pokemon
<Clacla> yes
<Karatekid552> majikarp
<Clacla> yes
<Bela> acully is dolan
<Clacla> only one
<Clacla> so a battle would be
<Karatekid552> at level 100
<Clacla> Derpizard sent out Derpizard! Go Derpizard!
<Karatekid552> personally, this will be really easy
<Karatekid552> I just have to make one, and point everything to that one
<Karatekid552> can you do OW's? I'm not good with them
<Clacla> Derpizard used Splash on Derpizard! It Was Super Effective! Derpizard took 0
<Clacla> i have an idea for the ow
<Clacla> ows are what size?
<Karatekid552> I have to go.... I have break next week so I'm going to make then. hit me up

If anyone wants part of this coversation removed, it can be, just let me know.

So, I spent the next week drawing DERPIZARD fishing and swimming and biking. I replaced every single in game sprite with his beautiful face and finally, POKéMON DERPIZARD was as finished as I could make it. It looks goofy, but it should be quite interesting and very laughable to play. I hope everyone enjoys playing it as much as I did making it.


Basically, it is the same thing as Ruby, just every single mention of POKéMON has been replaced with DERPIZARD. From overworlds, to sprites, to just plain text, everything was replaced.

Also, from what I hear, this is the first hack in which the flying animation has been changed.:D (If it isn't just let me know.)


On a final note, I have taken this hack as far as I can possibly take it with my current artistic ability. If someone else would like to improve it, be my guest. Just send me a pm with some of your work.:)

Things I would like to implement, but just don't have the skill for:
Acro bike wheelie over worlds
New Tiles
Higher quality copyright and titlescreens
An animated player backsprite


shinyquagsire- For telling me I wouldn't ever do this:P
Bela- For calling the project silly:D
Clacla- For supporting this hack from the very beginning and filling my head full of wonderful ideas, as well as doing the CSS on this page.
gogojjtech- For taking the music to the maximum derp.
JOSHR_691, Torndragon, and Treedog777- for their custom Charizards in the intro video.

Finally, anyone who has ever posted on PC and RHO or created a GBA hacking tool. I have read thousands of posts in my short time here and used almost every single tool in the book and I have learned a ton from everyone around me. The list of thank yous is far too long and I would end up forgetting too many people. So if you ever posted any hacking information, I learned it from you.:D

Now for the best part!

Most Current:

Pokémon Derpizard v.1.2.ips

Pokémon Derpizard v.1.2.aps

Pokémon Derpizard


This Hack is based on Pokémon Ruby (AXVE)

-Change Log-

-Courtesy of gogojjtech: All music has been taken to the maximum derp-> As many trumpets as possible!

-Fixed Nurse Joy Bug
-Added New Nurse Joy Derpizard OW frame! (Looks awesomely Derpy!!!)
-Fixed several OWs that showed up incorrectly on water.

V.1.0 (first release):
-All OWs swapped out for Derpizard
-All sprites swapped out for Derpizard
-All Pokémon names changed to Derpizard


This may be a comedy hack, but it still needs some love! So please add a little derp to your signature and show off the fact that you had a fun time!

I will try to get some smaller userbars, but for right now all I've got is this funny lookin' one:D.

Known bugs:

-Don't heal the PokéCenters! There is a missing animation pointer for Nurse Joy that will result in your game freezing. I will fix this ASAP. -Courtesy of Agastya- Fixed v1.1

-I ended up having to remove every single mention of other pokemon from the game with A-Text, so there is a likely hood of there being some text problems.

If you notice anything else, just let me know and I'll fix it.
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