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Post Super FG Rombase

I am posting up my Wesley FG rombase that I made awhile back. It is currently still in the development stages, but it has enough tiles to get a decent hack started.

I will be posting updates every time I get further in the production of this rombase. I hate to admit it, but there are other tiles in the rombase by other tile artists including kyledove and Alistair. All of the people to credit will be at the bottom of this post.

I will post some map shots with some of the tiles. The Rest of the tiles will be a mystery until you download it from the link.


(There are a couple of errors in the map shots because i made the maps really fast)

Download Link
(See Attachment)

Wesley FG (almost all of the basic tiles)
Alistair (pond tiles)
Kyledove (PC and Mart)
Ageavatar (water borders)
Me (for this ROM Base)

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