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Originally Posted by Linkandzelda
People seem to take offence when they come back and expect a position or expect to have a medal they had in the past for something they did like being staff member, winning a contest or donating $100. That's why there are so many groups for different circumstances to deal with the 5-6 years of history behind us. Think about Green Charizard the founder, if he came back to find out he wasn't being praised with the Founder group he'd be upset.
You will never be able to appease people who claim to be offended, nor is it reasonable to do so. It's a waste of your time.

Originally Posted by Pia Carrot
What this site is about, however, is ROM Hacking, ROM Hacking Resources, Game Development, and the exchange of information and criticism.
I'm glad to hear you advocate this. Hopefully that will mean future threads of this nature won't be locked. Let people talk, if they want.
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