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Default Pokemon "Random Team Generator" Crystal

This is a small hack of Pokemon Crystal, based on the dissasembly of Pokemon Crystal, intended to be used only for link battling. This hack offers two unique features, allowing link battles with randomly generated Pokemon teams and the additional option of letting RNG be the only one who controls each of your actions in the battle!


- Random team generator. The game will automatically generate for you a team of six random level 100 Pokemon with:
  • Random moveset, with four moves randomly taken from the level, pre-evolution, breeding, and TM/HM -if chosen- learnsets
  • Random stat experience
  • Random DVs
  • Random Happiness
  • Random ID number (who cares :D)
- Automatic input mode. This feature will allow for link battles where only the RNG will control the outcome of each turn. The chances for each button press are:
  • A button: 25%
  • B button: 25%
  • Down: 12.5%
  • Up: 12.5 %
  • Left: 12.5 %
  • Right: 12.5%

Additionally, to speed up the process:
  • The intro has been cleaned up and reasonably speed up, removing unnecessary content
  • The starting map is the second floor of the Pokemon Center
  • The battle room will be available from the very beggining of the game.
  • The ITEM and RUN options in link battles have been removed in order to make auto input link battles viable.

To generate a random team with no restrictions press simultaneously:

To generate a random team excluding TM/HM learnsets press simultaneously:

To generate a random team excluding NFE Pokemon press simultaneously:

To generate a random team excluding NFE Pokemon and TM/HM learnsets press simultaneously:

To turn auto input mode on press simultaneously:

To turn auto input mode off press simultaneously (this will work despite your input being "ignored" otherwise):

Follow these steps:
  • Start a new game normally and follow the modified intro
  • When in the Pokemon Center, press START + SELECT + ? to generate a random team. This will take around half a second. You may indeed notice a small delay in the sound.
  • Press START + SELECT + A if you'd like to battle with auto input mode (random button presses) enabled.
  • Find someone to play against, and proceed to link battling using the emulator TGB Dual.
  • You may turn off the auto input mode after the battle with START + SELECT + B, if you turned it on before.
  • If you want to generate a different team you have to start a new game. This is to make cheating (i.e. keep generating teams until you get good one) more difficult.

Given the simple nature of the hack, there's no screenshots to show; instead, you can see a video (link below) that shows the features of this hack.



ASM WORK (over pokecrystal):

New update (3.0) includes:

- Cleaned up intro even more and used it to explain how to generate the random team
- Starting map is PokeCenter 2F
- There is no need to deposit the Pokemon in the box because their stats and everything else will be already correctly calculated.
- If you activate the auto input mode it will only start being applied during the battle meaning that no perfect timing to activate it at the start of the battle will be necessary.
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