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Default Pokémon Naljo Adventures (Pokémon Rijon Adventures 2)

Here is my idea for a hack I am planning on making (with help, ofcourse). The hack will be a sequel to Pokémon Rijon Adventures.

Story: This game takes twenty years after the events of Pokémon Prism and three years after the events of Pokémon Rijon Adventures.

You are Gold's son and you have just moved to Caper City, you are sent to the Professor's lab by your dad to run a few errands, Professor McRyan is good friends with Gold and is the descendant of a great warrior. When you arrive at his laboratory, he senses great potential in you, he feels that you may even be better than your father, he then lets you chose from three starter Pokémon, like all Pokémon games, you may only choose one. After you have chosen your life companion, you set off on your Pokémon journey.

  • Gold's son (the player character)
  • Gold (Your father)
  • Your mother
  • Professor McRyan
  • Naljo Gym Leaders

  • Day and Night
  • Seasons
  • Weather Effects in towns, routes etc.

Before making this game, I will need the following.
  • Maps of Naljo cities and towns (from Pokémon Prism)
  • Scripter
  • Sprite and Tile Inserters

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