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Version 2.0.0 of Pokémon Polished Crystal is finally finished! It's a major version update because there have been a lot of new additions. New Pokémon (Electivire, Magmortar, and Rhyperior), new moves (Hurricane, Hail, Aerial Ace, Energy Ball, and more), maps, characters, events… not to mention many bug fixes and tweaks in response to everyone's feedback.

If you want to do a Nuzlocke run, please check out Nuzlocke mode in the Option menu!

This update is not compatible with save files from 1.1.2 or earlier versions. However, I tried to get all the save-breaking features out of the way. So when 2.1.0 comes out, you should be able to use your 2.0.0 save file. (I expect 2.0.1 to come out soon with minor bugfixes for whatever y'all find while testing this out.)


There are two patches, regular and "faithful". The faithful patch does not change any Pokémon types or base stats, or any move attributes. This will be more familiar, but can have some odd consequences, like a Ghost trainer using a Ninetales that lacks STAB on its Shadow Ball.

Patches should be applied to a Pokémon Crystal (UE) (1.0) ROM. The one I used has the MD5 hash 9f2922b235a5eeb78d65594e82ef5dde if you need to make sure your copy is correct.

The source code on GitHub has a readme and feature list with more details, an FAQ, and a guide to using the patch files.


(If you're new to Polished Crystal, ignore this and check out the better-organized feature list.)
  • Add: Replace {Hoppip, Skiploom, Jumpluff, Aipom, Stantler, Smoochum} with {Rhyperior, Electivire, Magmortar, Sunkern, Sunflora, Wobbuffet}.
  • Add: New trainer classes: Officer♀, Sr. & Jr., Couple, Breeder, PI, Dragon Tamer, Ace Duo, Roughneck, and some important characters.
  • Add: Add Protector, Electirizer, and Magmarizer items.
  • Add: Machoke, Graveler, Haunter, and Kadabra evolve by having sufficient stat exp in Attack, Defense, Speed, and Special respectively (five Protein, Iron, Carbos, or Calcium is sufficient).
  • Add: Replace {Synthesis, Bubble, Powder Snow, Comet Punch, Conversion2, Meditate, Tail Whip} with {Hurricane, Water Pulse, Ice Shard, Aerial Ace, Hone Claws, Energy Ball, Hail}.
  • Add: Meet Falkner in Dark Cave to make him return to the gym, encouraging the player to beat Sprout Tower first.
  • Add: Optional Nuzlocke mode (can't revive fainted Pokémon, catch only the first encounter in each location, always nickname Pokémon; dupes clause and shiny clause in effect)
  • Add: Lyra from HG/SS is your friendly rival.
  • Add: Revise the Silver Wing event.
  • Add: New music for the Goldenrod Game Corner and Lugia's and Ho-Oh's maps.
  • Add: Shrine in Ecruteak City from Mateo's Pokémon Christmas.
  • Add: Battle 16 Gym Leaders and 5 unlockable trainers in the Fighting Dojo.
  • Add: Reward for catching all 26 Unown.
  • Add: Buy dolls and plants to decorate your room in Goldenrod Harbor.
  • Add: Replace Cianwood Photo Studio with an event that makes your Pokémon happier.
  • Add: Battle Cal in Trainer House if you're a girl, Kay if you're a boy.
  • Add: Eusine shows you the legendary beasts in Celadon City in case you haven't found them roaming.
  • Add: Respawn uncaught legendaries (except for Celebi) after beating the Elite Four (Suicune roams).
  • Add: Bill calls to switch boxes when one is full (copied from TPP Anniversary Crystal).
  • Add: Meganium can learn Calm Mind and Play Rough.
  • Add: Gliscor can learn Fly.
  • Add: Pokémon sprites for Joey and Mike's battle and for Amphy.
  • Add: Executive Proton in Slowpoke Well.
  • Add: Pokémon are found via Headbutt on Route 47+48 and in Yellow Forest.
  • Add: Restore unused dialog about Prof. Silktree to the Ruins of Alph.
  • Add: Politoed is Water/Grass.
  • Add: Sunflora is Grass/Fire.
  • Add: Electivire is Electric/Fighting.
  • Add: Magmortar is Fire/Fighting.
  • Add: Rhyperior is Steel/Rock.
  • Add: Strength is 90 power.
  • Add: Buff Submission and Take Down to be like Wild Charge.
  • Add: Replace Razor Shell with Icicle Crash.
  • Add: Rock-type Pokémon get Sp.Def boosted by 50% in a sandstorm.
  • Add: Improve Buena's prizes.
  • Add: Yanma and Venomoth are available in the Bug-Catching Contest.
  • Add: Murkrow is rare in some Headbutt trees.
  • Add: Add river to Route 45 from HGSS.
  • Add: Celadon Dept. Store TV game floor from RBY, with game system decorations for sale.
  • Add: Celadon Dept. Store Home Decor wing.
  • Add: Lt. Surge's electric traps from RBY.
  • Add: Missing ice puzzle in Seafoam Islands.
  • Add: Get Amulet Coin from Lyra in Olivine City, and Metal Coat in the Goldenrod Dept. Store basement.
  • Add: Update Pokémon Center and Poké Mart style.
  • Add: Use beta pagodas for Sprout Tower, Bell Tower, and Dragon's Den.
  • Add: Pan up on entering Bell Tower, Battle Tower, and Radio Tower.
  • Add: Rematch Elite Four only after getting all 16 badges (Prof. Elm and Blue both explain this).
  • Add: More requirements to access Mt. Silver.
  • Add: Tower Tycoon Palmer is the final Battle Tower trainer.
  • Add: Accessible waterfall in Yellow Forest.
  • Add: Devamped HGSS sprites for Team Rocket Executives.
  • Add: Replace NES with Wii.
  • Add: Purple overworld sprites (used for Eusine, Koga, Janine, PokéManiacs, Hex Maniacs, Burglars, Executive♂s, and GameCube).
  • Add: Option to run by default.
  • Add: Sprites for Surfing and Flying Pikachu.
  • Add: Third Trainer Card page for Kanto badges.
  • Add: Trees randomly give one, two, or three Berries.
  • Add: Increase Kanto's levels.
  • Add: Proper text for Gym Leader rematches.
  • Add: Access the last Unown chamber with a Fairy-type Pokémon, not Ho-Oh.
  • Add: Former Mystery Gift girl in Goldenrod Dept. Store now gives a random Berry every day.
  • Remove: No more support for Mystery Gift, GameBoy Printer, or Mobile Adapter.
  • Fix: Gen VI wild held item chances (50% common, 5% rare, 45% none), with Amulet Coin increasing them to 60% common, 10% rare, 30% none.
  • Fix: No more daily limit on Wonder Trades.
  • Fix: Tangela, Yanma, and Pilowsine evolve by knowing AncientPower.
  • Fix: Replace Pryce's Seel and Shellder with Piloswine and Sneasel.
  • Fix: Jasmine uses Forretress.
  • Fix: Bruno uses Pinsir.
  • Fix: Silver has six Pokémon only by Victory Road.
  • Fix: Prof. Oak's third aide requires 50 Pokémon, not 75.
  • Fix: Replace broken Trainer House tiles with a Poké Ball pattern.
  • Fix: Consistent gatehouse between Route 36 and the Ruins of Alph.
  • Fix: Consistent gatehouse between Route 48 and Yellow Forest.
  • Fix: Rocket outside Radio Tower isn't visible from Goldenrod Harbor.
  • Fix: Bill's sister says his grandpa is still in Cerulean Cape house.
  • Fix: Edit some trainers' levels and rosters.
  • Fix: Various text overflow errors.
  • Fix: Pokédex Area map glitches when you press right (thanks Mmmmmm).
  • Fix: Ellipses print too high during battle (thanks, comet).
  • Fix: Typo "your" for "you" (thanks, jpmac26).
  • Fix: Gold Berry heals 25% max HP when held.
  • Fix: Pink Bow powers up Fairy-type moves (thanks, Pokemaster).
  • Fix: X Special → X Spcl.Atk (thanks, Mmmmmm).
  • Fix: Acid lowers Sp.Def, not Defense (thanks, kide).
  • Fix: Magby learns Flamethrower at level 40, not 30 (thanks, kide).
  • Fix: 50 TMs → 65 TMs.
  • Fix: Lock-On does not bypass Fly/Dig.
  • Fix: Poison types using Toxic will always hit but not through Fly/Dig.
  • Fix: TMs each have a unique location.
  • Fix: Game Corner games pay out even if you have 9999+ coins.
  • Fix: Roaming legendary beast music.
  • Fix: Can't trade away the GS Ball.
  • Fix: Sabrina's round gold badge is called the Soul Badge; Janine's pink heart badge is called the Marsh Badge.

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