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Default Fire Red Bank System

This thread was made to help others add a Bank System to FR.
This is the second time I will have redone this thread but this time it is for the better.

Until I can acquire permission from the original thread owner to port the tutorials to PHO.
I will merely post links to the needed ASM and since Bela has posted a Bank script here in the thread, I hope others use this thread to share their Bank scripts as well.

For now lets get started

First you will need the "Minute Routines Frame Structure"

Once you have that done you will need "Introducing ASM to your Bank scripts"

With all that done now you need a Bank Script and also Multi-Choice editor to add the words Withdraw, Deposit and Balance...

I will be updating this thread from hear on out and will post the Bank Script I have that also includes an ATM as well...

I also hope others will post there Bank Scripts as well and if any one needs help or has questions just post a detailed comment so that if helpful enough I can post them here in the main post...

Credit goes to-
The community in general for its the efforts of many that make this all possible....

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