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Originally Posted by DarkPsychic View Post
Also Does anyone know if we even still have ASM hackers in the community anymore?
Cause I just can't find any up to date asm/thumb tutorials that center around Pokémon Fire Red. I have tried to learn C, C++ and Qbasic but lose interest fast for the fact that it has nothing to do with what has inspired me to want to program in the first place... I feel that if I am not learning through hacking fire red then there is no point... I don't want to sit here for 2years just so I can "Eventually" write the Asm code that I need for this project... I learned XSE pretty fast I just wish I could get this hex editing, asm writing , and rom hacking down =(
Well I personally don't see scripting code with XSE as hacking at all. That's programming and there is a slight difference. Of course, the two techniques go hand in hand and good programmers are often also good rom hackers, and the other way around.

If you want to learn how to create code and hack data structures (= this is what rom hacking basically is), you first have to study how the number systems (binary and hexadecimal along with 10-number based decimal) work and get familiar with them. Then, you're ready for starting to re-write all kinds of data with a hex editor and by practising, you ought to become "okay" with all kinds of data structures. Start off simple by editing short byte-tables and later on, try for exmaple to figure out how several hacking tools work and try to make yourself comfortable without them (for example, learn to create new trainers without the usage of A-trainer or other trainer editing utilities).

Understanding data structures helps you understand routines that use them - this is where asm comes to hacking.

All in all, rom hacking in a nutshell;
ASM (coding)
Pointers (links between asm routines and hex data)
Hex data (data that asm routines use)
Script code in a pokemon game = One among the several kinds of hex data structures

I personally learned by starting to play around with a hex editor and step by step, got better and better at hacking. One day, I started writing script codes with a hex editor and not long after that, took the first steps to writing asm routines.

Originally Posted by DarkPsychic View Post
Not only is this giving me a headache but now I have to figure out how to add more than 5 evolutions for one Pokémon to the game. So that Eevee can have all of its evolutions, Then figure out how to either make Yape to work with it or learn or then make a new yape tool...... >_<
EHHH (*Hand to face*)
I am so lost at this point
The creator of that tool would have probably programmed it to allow more than 5 evolutions if it was possible with the current game-engine. However, this is now one of the things that you need new asm routines for.
For one reason or another, the game doesn't allow more than 5 evolutions for one pokemon unless you modify the game's code to make it a possibility. That's probably not very simple since it might not be just about editing a byte or two, but to re-write some large routine as whole. Knowing how to program well is a useful skill when it comes to writing routines that serve for new functionalities in game. One could get literally anything out of the rom with the skill and right mindset.

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