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Originally Posted by waltervan00 View Post
Greetings! I am interested in this game and I want to try it out. Except that I encountered many *wild* problems on the way.

I've been following the steps provided by Link's official website. I have Pokemon FireRed (U) (V1.1) and Lunar IPS

When I was brought to the downloads webpage, I chose mirror #3, being labelled as latest, added with the fact that the other two were not functioning.

Well... that brought me to this page which Link created to keep tabs on the live patches.

I've tried the uppermost link many time and couldn't get a download going, perhaps because of Link's absence. Now, I don't blame the MVP: he's actually done an impressive job with the 'live patches'.

That leads to the problem. How do I get PKMN FireRed to be patched 'successfully'? Hear me out, I downloaded the build 3.3.00511 multiple times, patched the ROM and ended up, on all instances, with a grey-ish white screen on the recommended VBA patch.

Please explain what I was executing wrong. Overall, how to get the game going. Although I have no experience in this place of the internet, I will try my absolute best to cooperate. TY for READING!
You want Fire red version 1.0 not version 1.1
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