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2.1.0 was released a bit early for the sake of fixing some bugs. Here's 2.2.0, featuring Pokémon natures! Like in Gen III, they raise and lower stats by 10%. They're determined from DVs, kind of like Hidden Power's type, since personality values don't exist in Gen II.

This update is compatible with save files from 2.0.0, 2.0.1, and 2.1.0! Just patch a fresh Crystal ROM to 2.2.0 and use it with your old save file.


Patches should be applied to a Pokémon Crystal (UE) (1.0) ROM. The one I used has the MD5 hash 9f2922b235a5eeb78d65594e82ef5dde if you need to make sure your copy is correct.

  • Add: Natures (based on Atk/Def DV, not personality value).
  • Add: Descriptive text for certain rock features.
  • Add: Edit some trainers' rosters, including better natures.
  • Add: Vulpix can learn Moonlight.
  • Add: Staryu+Starmie can learn Calm Mind.
  • Add: Wobbuffet can learn Recover.
  • Add: Entei can learn Earthquake.
  • Add: Lugia can learn Hurricane.
  • Fix: Lugia's room music loops.
  • Fix: Dragonite can learn Hurricane.
  • Fix: Metronome cannot become Transform.
  • Fix: Bill can walk through you.
  • Fix: Trainer Card controls.
  • Fix: Acid and Crunch descriptions.
ROM hack: Pokémon Polished Crystal (GitHub) — version 2.2.0 released!
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