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Default Pokemon Giratina's Legend

Pokemon Giratina's Legend

Creator: Andrea
Rom base: RUBY USA
Language: ITA
Andrea (founder, scripter, tilesetter, grapher, asm hacker)
Pierz___ (helper)
Simone O (Spriter)

A trio of guys bound together by a common memory ready for meeting, learning and life experiences. One of these guys will be you a guy who is about to embark on a great adventure!
It is the big day finally your great adventure is about to begin . In the morning you go to the laboratory of Professor oak that after talking with his assistant will tell us who is in route 1.
Released by the laboratory meet Steve , the son of the professor who will tell us worried that her father has disappeared!
The answer is that the assistant explained to us that the professor is in the path 1 , Steve surprised tell you that his father has never had an assistant since he moved to the region of Shinzo .
So you'll run into the lab to stop the one who was sent by someone who does not yet know the identity !
Who are the other 2 guys? By whom was sent the fake server? What happened to Professor OAK ?
You will discover it playing Pokemon Giratina 's Legend !


Custom Intro ASM #2:

VS BAR v.2.0:



chaos: House
gaia project:tree, rock, road, market, center
kyledove: flowers
steven: wind turbine
calis project: grass,cartel,mailbox
Zeno: Tilescreen
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