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Default Java ROM IO Library

A GBA ROM Input/Output library written in Java!

I'm going to keep this sweet and simple. Over the last few days, I've been writing some utility code to assist in hacking the generation III games in Java. I know that there isn't much cross-platform compatibility for hacking tools, so I'm hoping this will help fix that problem by giving developers a nice basis.

IO Speed - The reading and writing to and from the ROM is very fast.
Data - As I write more programs, I will add my ROM IO code to the library. For instance, I'm writing a map editor right now so you find methods for querying map data available.
Images - Supports reading (and soon writing) compressed images in the ROM.
Java - Multiple platform support and easy to read code.
Documentation - The code is documented well. If you don't understand a structure that this library supports, reading the annotations should help.
No credit needed - Anyone can use this library and no credit is needed. Just add the source to your program and code away.

Where can you find this library? Well, you can find it on Github!

Screenshots because Wynaut:

If you find a bug or would like to contribute, leave a comment below!

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