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Default [GBA] Sappy 2006 mod for Vista/7/8

Sappy is the ever-popular tool for GBA Audio playback and replacement that previously only worked on XP and older. Members of the Fire Emblem Hacking Community have managed to get Sappy to work on Vista, 7 and the 8 Dev. preview without it crashing. There is also a new feature, shown below.


Readme (If I put it in a text file, it'll turn back into gibberish again):

Google Translate Edition:

I have a few other forum links that I'd like to include that also help to assist in replacing music, but I don't think I can as they are forum links. If I can get the permission to add the links, I'll add them ASAP.

Click here to download it!
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Thank you for your time, PHO. I won't soon forget it.

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