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Default Pokemon Rom Hacking Wikia (live)

Hey guys. A few of us over at LaZ's IRC got to talking about a pokemon rom hacking wiki and why there wasn't one yet... so me and MrMako started one up.

The goal is to obtain and organize (this part's key) as much information for tutorials and offsets and pretty much everything related to pokemon rom hacking gen 1-5(is there even such a thing as hacking gen 6 lol) in categories.

The categories are as follows, but anyone can edit this wiki:
Category:GBC Projects
Category:GBA Projects
Category:NDS Projects

Category:GBC Tools
Category:GBA Tools
Category:NDS Tools

Category:GBC Tutorials
Category:GBA Tutorials
Category:NDS Tutorials

Category:GBC Resources
Category:GBA Resources
Category:NDS Resources

Category:GBC Documentation
Category:GBA Documentation

Category:GBC Miscellaneous
Category:GBA Miscellaneous
Category:NDS Miscellaneous

This could solve all sorts of issues people have searching endlessly for offsets and tutorials on specific things as everything can be documented.

Feel free to contribute whatever you want, including a page for your hack in the Projects category.
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