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It's time to make a update c:

Some new Graphics:
Watch the fullt new titlescreen (Thnx to laflacapkm for the title and resize the Background)

Some new things

And I change the Overworld format to BW overworlds.

And a Big announcement

First to all, actually Ice Silver is developed only in English.

Did you see this support bar?

The day November 25th. the first demo of Pokemon Ice Silver could be released, but a private demo.

Do you like play the demo?
It's easy, only put in your signature my support bar and send me a PM before to November 24th, and I send via PM the demo to enjoy it, remember, the first beta could be released the last week of december!

To put it only copy this code and paste in your signature

[url=][img] 294[/img][/url]

That's all!

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