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I see that I may have been a bit fast to disagree with you. I was blinded to read what you had said beyond the line about having the wrong people in charge. I have now looked back at what you said and am ready to actually respond to your ideas and comments.

For it to be useful, I suggest having people's research, development, and other informations be shared by them onto this new forum.
So what you're saying is to put the emphasis on tools and tutorials. Were you imagining primarily Pokemon or a variety of hacking platforms?

Avoid extraneous/superfluous usergroups such as VIPs, donors, moderators, super mods, etc until proven necessary
I would like to say that the usergroup for VIP and donars has traditionally been used as a sort of thanks from the forums for above and beyond support. Those usergroups haven't had the same effect as they used to and don't seem to be as useful. I would heavily miss my VIP status, but I can see your point.

Have the board set up extremely low-fat, sporting a tightly-grouped array of a couple of boards
So this would be mainly tutorials and tools? I do see where focusing around that could be useful.

First off, we need an entirely new name.
And this is because why? Does your idea involve being more broad than just Pokemon or is it mainly because the name is long? I personally like PHO but who knows... I'm somewhat biased about it xD

and finally...

I'm getting the feeling you may not quite know who I am, just because I'm not a regular here at all doesn't mean I have no stake in things. I am a somebody here tyvm. And I have some ideas for some big change. Don't cling onto the past like it's all that exists.
I would like to apologize for giving you that impression. I seem to have forgotten when I was new to the forums and had ideas. I hope you accept my apology and could elaborate on my above points. I am interested in what you have to say about this matter!

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