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Originally Posted by mewthree9000 View Post
True, he is, I worked a little on the D version. I'm really questioning the value of working with D on this one. D is a little advanced, I don't see how this is going to encourage new programmers to get involved in the ROM hacking community. It's just very complicated to get started. I thought the original idea behind producing open-sourced tools was to create a more productive community and not stagger new-comers with advanced languages. That's just my take though. Maybe Java is better suited for the task of enhancing the community. D is workable, but it took me 4 hours just to learn to compile correctly.
It's seamless on Linux, so I'd blame Windows if I were you, not D. All of our tools are going to be a chore to port, regardless of our experience or wit, so it's not all just learning curve either.

Shiny seems to be doing it for fun and to broaden his horizons, but I'm working on it because I love the language. It makes sense to me, it looks right. It works right. At least to me, anyway – it's unpopularity sure is a curse. But everything can be figured out if you know what you're doing. I mean, if you can process a manual and don't rely on Google/Stack Overflow for your problems too much you should be A-OK – I learned real quick that there is no Stack Overflow to run to :P
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