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Default Pokémon Ash's Chapter

Pokémon: Ash's Chapter
a work-in-progress
FireRed 1.0
Hi! My name is Soulryu! I have been ROM hacking since I was 10 years old and it became a hobby for me. I've been toying with many of the hacking tools and looked up tutorials to try and create my own hack but every time I try, I end up quitting but get better each time I start anew. This time I'm creating another story that focuses on Ash. Essentially the story of the game will follow that of the anime. Though the anime is ultimately based upon the games and draws heavily from them, many concepts which are only touched on the games are spun in a unique way, and expanded on.
  • Day/Night
  • Custom sprites for trainers/Pokémon based off of artwork
  • Lapras surfing sprite
  • Tiles made by WesleyFG
  • HG/SS-style maps
  • 3 Regions
  • Apricorns
  • And more!

Work log
  • Pallet town done
  • First event done
  • Route 1 done
  • Viridian city done
  • Route 2 done
  • Route 22 done
  • Error in ash's mon script
  • Oak repeats his scripts when he introduces Pikachu
  • Route 1 terminal looks bad inside
  • viridian city is glitched
  • cannot enter Viridian Forest
The Team
  • Soulryu: Mapper, image inserter
  • c067912881: Scripting & editing sprites
Special Thanks
  • #1-Trainer: Backsprite
  • WeselyFG: Tiles
  • Chaos Rush: Pokemon Sprite
  • Nick:Thread's CSS
  • TuxedoMoroboshi:Sprites
  • Unknown: Ash's OW sprites
Alpha Downoad Test

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