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Originally Posted by Alice View Post
I've made a thread for Sun & Moon discussion to gauge if it's worth making a forum section dedicated to this sort of discussion. It can be found here. If this is something you guys are interested in make sure you're using that thread and feel free to get as many people in on the discussion as you can. I'm not sure how many new sections and how much shuffling around we're gonna be doing at the moment because we've got future plans for the site which may mean a complete rework of the site, but if we can get a good userbase here then it gives a lot more motivation to actually work on getting stuff in motion!
Its good but not what I actually meant..... you see the way you created the thread.....a person must go deep inside this website and search for some time to get there..... as you said you have future plan with this website, its ok if my idea conflicts with yours.... but in my opinion the thread should not been inside a subforum instead it should have meed made as some sort of forum which any people would just see roght away they open the website, in this way they would know if there is something like this....

Hope you got my points
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