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[01:50.04] <~Linkandzelda> ive got a bunch of 2TB HDDs, and about 3 SSDs, but im thinking of moving back to windows 7 next year and wanted to blow it all and buy a 512gb
[01:50.49] <~Alex> Linkandzelda: seriously, what do you do for money man
[01:50.54] <~Alex> I wanna try some of that
[01:50.58] <Team_Fail> i think he sucks a lot of dick
[01:50.59] <Team_Fail> idk
[01:51.01] <%PlatinumMaster> lol
[01:51.02] <~Linkandzelda> lol
[01:51.03] <~Alex> lol
dicks everywhere.
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