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Originally Posted by Konjiki no Yami View Post
I'm going to have to disagree with "there are no female hardcore pokemon fans". I actually know more girls who like pokemon than boys who do irl. I think the distinct absence of girl hackers is probably because they think that all the guy hackers won't take them seriously, and that they'll be bullied off the various forums like so many n00bs do. A lot of hackers on the big forums aren't nice to n00bs, and whilst some people can see that and think "ok, I know what not to do" others just don't bother even starting. So, my take on it is that either there is more girl hackers than we realize (possibly pretending to be guys?) or that we keep scaring them off before we actually get a chance to see what they can do. Just my two cents
I never said there were no hardcore female fans, I said there were much less. The reason that you know more girl fans IRL is because they're more open about it and less embarrassed to be a fan.
It's kinda silly that girls would do that and I don't believe that, since all girls I know are in no way scared of being a fan in terms of other boys... If anything, more boys pretend to be girls on Pokémon forums.

I just think there are less girl hackers because they're simply less likely to become one :P

Maybe something kinda draws near.
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