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Default Pokémon Distortion Black [DEMO RELEASED]



Hi, I'm Nex. I've been hacking Pokemon for 2 years now on and I want to release my latest hack here on Pokecommunity!

In my opinion, it's my best hack so far and I learned a lot in the meantime (but not too much XD),and this hack should contain a lot of features.
Now to the game: The Xenon Region is a mysterious and wonderful region filled with hidden secrets and unknown places,it's said
that a legend called "Giratina" lives in the Region.
It's your mission to discover all hidden secrets in the Xenon Region and stop Team Crysis from their evil plans!


-new graphics
-new region
-pokemons from other regions
-new story
-side areas


You're 14 and wake up from a bad nightmare. Today, you will get your first pokemon from Prof. Brick after leaving your house.
After you got your Pokemon, Prof.Bricks says he is busy and has to go, you should meet him in his lab.When you arrive at his lab, a scientist says that Prof. Brick is not here..
What happened to him? Where has he gone? Was he kidnapped?
After that you go to a cave in the next route. You see a mysterious man jumping down a ledge and going to the exit of the cave some guys with a "C" written on their shirts are following him...You try to follow this guy and arrive at the next city. You want to go to the gym, but the same guys with the C on the shirt are running out of it! You talk to the gym leader and he says that they stole his pokemon! What happens next? Who were those guys? Where are they now? It's your mission to find out!


Thats for what im looking first XD / This Screens are maybe outdated :/


Nex - A lot...
Avaramoon - Scripting
Nix - Music inserter
Dark Sneasel - Scripter - Left


What happened to Pokemon Firered Nds Style?
Its dead..

When get the game released?
I dont know.....

Can I be Beta Tester?
I dont need testers.

Do you need help?
Yes,i need someone who can change the hero sprite in the intro.



The player backsprite is not finished yet!
Some small tile errors!

-Scrapped Ideas

I will add them later!


-Let's you play the first town and route. (
Note:Not everything is aviable)


Syneon/Near - For being always a good friend
GoGoJJTech - Answering all my Questions
DawnRyder - Titelscreen inserting TuT
Darthatron - Removing What happened before..
knizz - Tall Grass fix
HackMew - Some Tutorials
diegoisawesome - Remove Male Gender Patch
DarkBlazing Groudon
- Support Banner
.Missingno. - Support Banner
Gamecube Collector - Support Banner
reshilegend - fixing the grammar,testing,making tiles better,feedback
Smeagle - Running Sprites

Christos - Suggestions
Gamefreak - For Pokemon
Square Enix - Chrono Triggers Music
The DS-style 64x64 Pokémon Sprite Resource
All the Tool Makers of course
If I forgotten you,contact me!

-Support Banners

Made by DarkBlazing Groudon

Made by DarkBlazing Groudon

Made by .Missingno.

Made by The Gamecube Collector

I hope you like it and leave a comment please

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