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Default How to Insert Trainer Sprites using NSE 2.X

Here's a tutorial that teaches you how to insert Trainer Sprites using NSE 2.X

-NSE 2.X
-A brain!

First you must have a Trainer Sprite be sure that's it in 64x64 pixels.

Then next step is to pick a background that's found nowhere in the sprite.


Then time to make it 16 colors, open up your sprite in Infranview.

First go to image and click "Decrease Color Depth" and click "16 colors (4 BPP) then click "OK" then save!

Now Open up the 16 colored sprite with Infranview
Now go to Image and click Pallete then Edit Pallete.
This should appear.

Next click the first box you see.
This should appear.

Take note of the RGB, the RGB is "4, 2, 4"
After that click the box that corresponds to your background color
This should appear.

Take note of the RGB, the RGB is "4, 254, 4"
Now what you need to do is switch their RGB's the Black pallete will be replaced with the Background.
If replaced It should look like this.

Now replaced the Background Pallete with the Black Pallete
If replaced It should look like this.

And if you did everything right the sprite should look like this.

After that save it as another Image.

Now open both sprites in Paint.
Press Ctrl+A in the first sprite then press Ctrl+C then go to the newer sprite and press Ctrl+V there.
After that save it and your done indexing!
If you did everything right you should get this.

Next Inserting the Sprite.
First open NSE 2.X

Next, load you ROM

After that click Trainer Sprites and navigate to the sprite you want to replace

Then goto File, then Import, then Import Sprite Data, and load your sprite and press save.
You should get something like this.

The sprite looks messed up don't worry just do what I do.
First save the image and repoint by going to File and then Save then click on the Magnifying Glass then Ok.

After that to fix the pallete go to file Import, then Import Color Table, load you sprite, then save.

Now to save the pallete go to Edit, then Pallete, and Save pallete to ROM and click the magnifying glass and save.

And that's it all that's left is to test it!

Testing Time

Time to test it!
I used the trainer card as a Screenshot because I changed the Male Hero Sprite...

That's all have fun hacking!


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