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Default Pokémon Secrets and Rumours

Pokemon: Secrets and Rumors
The way WE PRETENDED it was supposed to be.

NOTE: This hack is currently on-hold while I work on the Johto Legacy hacks. I just realized I never migrated the hack thread over from Celadon Mansion.

Hack of:
Pokémon Silver Version


Before we get started, lets start off with an anecdote of sorts. We can remember countless hours when we were in elementary school on the computer, at a friend's house, or in the library when we could play games, or on those old Maxpages sites reading up about Pikablu and all the other nonsense. It seems ridiculous now, all those things we used to believe back then yet now we all know were just things everyone else made up. If I had a nickel for every time I tried to flip the truck over or get a Pikablu from the guy on top of Cinnabar Gym, I would be very wealthy right now.

This hack takes place in Kanto 3 years before Pokemon Gold and Silver. Now that has you thinking, "wait just a minute. Red/Blue/Yellow took place in Kanto 3 years before Gold and Silver!" Well, you would be right! You see, what Pokemon: Secrets and Rumours is, is essentially Red version, the way we all pretended it was supposed to be, but with a twist. While it is essentially a "Red Remake" of sorts, it will not just be the same old story as before. There will be new things that weren't rumoured here and there, but they won't detract from the nostalgia too much. Also the biggest thing will also be all the major Rumors that people made up and believed, from Pikablu to Brick Town, will be fully implemented in the game, as close to the nonsense as you can get.

What's New:
In a way, everything!

- Practically every event (and EVERY major event) has been completely re-scripted from scratch.
- New Items (Some rumoured, some just new)
- New Pokemon (Pikablu, Sapusaur, etc.)
- A few Johto Pokemon included in rumored ways.
- Orange Islands after Kanto(Won't say how you get there, but it will be similar to how you got to Kanto in GSC)
- Another Team in the New Region. (Still TR in Kanto, it has to be authentic doesnt it?)
- New features to be explained later(Such as an actual Town Map item, instead of you just getting the Pokegear)
- New areas to explore in Kanto.
- More nonsense from Team Rocket in Kanto (Including, but not limited too, Rocket Nonsense in Brick Town)

Returning Favourites:
- The original RBY TM list
- The original Kanto Gym leaders.
- Everything you knew and loved from the games that started it all.
- Cameo appearances by characters from other Pokemon Games.
- Things you may have seen before but forgot you have.
- No Clock or Day/Night.


Snazzy title screen, featuring Charmander

Yeah, it's Nidorino. Just like before.

My, my! Loving the Retro SNES in your room. Also the good ol' RBY graphics.

You now have a choice of the original starters! Yay!

Battle against your rival.

Wonder where that ladder goes? (Nowhere, as it does not exist anymore)

Retro Mt Moon

New Pikachu sprite (Actually from Yellow :P)

You've never seen this town before. Ever. But you've heard about it. (Night no longer happens)

Three guesses which route this is, and the first two don't count! (Night no longer happens)

Chillin at Pewter Museum of Science

It's been a long road... Gettin' from there to here

Also at Pewter Museum of Science. Note the new look from the current beta.

Pikachu used Thundersho-- wtf? Thunderjolt? He only knew that in the TCG! (Lol old pikachu pic from Green)

Thanks to KageX for the backpic!

Gary's Sister giving you the Town Map (NOT a gorram Pokegear! xD)

The Town Map. Looks a lot like RBY, huh? Also I fixed the bug with looping

Start Menu. Note that the Pack has been renamed to ITEM (still has pockets though)
Also, Notice anything different about the little descriptor that talks about each option? :P

Retro Pokémarts, not just Pokécenters now!

Wonder who that evolves?


Wonder what's going on in that warehouse?

Wonder whose house this is?

More screenshots to come.


Credits go to:
KageX for the player's back pic
MeanMrMustard for a document he gave me, explaining various minor ASM hacks happening throughout.
HyperHacker for the 256 Tile Hack (It is used, but basically just for the extra map block ability)
Coolboyman for help with Items, and the location of many, many different things.
Tauwasser for the scripting compendium, without which none of my script changes would exist
Redstar for concept ideas on rumour implementation
Nidofree for help with beta testing
Prima's Official Strategy Guide for Pokémon Red and Blue Versions
Everyone here on the board for your support, suggestions, and bearing with me while I have delays for letting anyone with half a brain make a web page, causing the rumours this game is based on in the first place
Mountain Dew Throwback for fueling random late nights working on this hack
Pepsi Throwback for fueling random late nights working on this hack

Download Hack:
OLD VERSION: IPS Patch (Version 1.1)
NEW VERSION: FIXED - IPS Patch (2012 Demo)

ALTERNATE VERSION: (Uses Kanto battles themes instead of Johto) Based on latest release, credit goes to munchulax
IPS Download (Patch to clean ROM)

This demo goes through Brick Town. You no longer have to use gameshark codes to get to Brick Town, because our friends who choose to use iOS can't use them. There are now steps beside the entrance to Cerulean Cave. You cannot enter Cerulean City even with cheats, I broke the connection. You also cannot enter Cerulean Cave early, I made the warp link back on itself. You might get stuck if you walk onto it though, because you will try to walk out and the man will be in the way. So don't do it!

"I'm gonna, uh, demonstrate the hot moves..." - Flannery

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