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Damn, I should've reminded the guys here as well to stop asking where the download link is...

Ok, to everyone now, read the message below, please:

Originally Posted by aethestode View Post
Release date would be pushed back to the 10th of Sept.
I have university to worry about.
In this post, Aethestode already said that he's going to push the release date back to SEPTEMBER 10TH. So guys, please stop asking where the download link is, there is currently no download link for beta 9. Also, Aethestode is going to keep this thread updated as well. He'll post the new screenshots and a big surprise which is totally unexpected in a few days.
And no, I'm not going to spoil what the surprise is, also don't start guessing what the big surprise could be or not. Just relax and wait for it.

P.S.: Aethestode or I are not going to answer PM's that have questions like "what is the big surprise" or "tell me the surprise". Even VM's related to my post are going to be deleted. You guys know that rushing was, is and will never be a good solution.
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