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Okay, Eventhough most people want me to leave the whole thing in, I've decided to just leave the joke in but remove the characters instead. It's the healthier thing to do.

Originally Posted by Petah Tosh View Post
Hi everyone. I'm Tosh, im new here and i'm no hacker, i'm just an addicted pokemon player. Since i discovered this "hacks stuff" i've grown a bigger and bigger passion with this type of pokemon games. i've followed u (aethestode) since PCO and i think what u've done with the hacks is amazing.. Although i'm a bit frustrated with you cause u spend to much time complaining with this "hashtag" business. Forget about that idiot, u r a great hacker, wether here or in PCO, just move on man... I'M INSANELY DESPERATE TO PLAY THIS BLUE VERSION!!!

Anyways, just wanted to say this to u..

P.S. if u need help with grammar i can help u
Lol, sure. I'll keep you in mind when i need beta testers.
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