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Default Patch request

I've been playing Emerald 386 with some friends for the sake of battling under a few rules (that doesn't even matter in here) on android obviously.
The down side is, in order to rush and easily build a team it takes cheating and tons of time and that's where the idea takes place.
I would be much appreciated if anyone could make a patch with the following settings:

- All pokemon up to 3rd gen available (just like Emerald 386 but even more simple if possible);

- All hold items and TM's available at marts for free or at a completely acessible price;

- IV training made easier, with rooms for example;

- Battle theme switched to rival's soundtrack for the sake of making the battles between us more intense;

The concept is pretty simple, to make a patch which makes pokemon emerald (or firered) more friendly for a competetive approach between our friends.
Anything worth inserting for the sake of that idea, that contribute to our time wasting building and only building a team is welcome.
That being said, we don't care about the plot, everything will be done for the sake of battling friends over bluetooth or wi-fi.

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