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Angry Pokémon Red - proud eyes edition V4.0

Hack Name: Pokemon Red proud eyes edition V4.0

Hack of: Pokemon Red US/EU (GameBoy)


Hello everyone, Break here with the release of the 4th update to my popular romhack "Pokemon red proud eyes edition".
After spending and extended period of time testing out the hacking tools available...I am very happy with the results of my re-balancing of this classic game.
I will start by thanking the large group of followers who have given me an enormous amount of support and feedback over the years!
Watching "let's play" streams and answering questions about the hack has been an enriching experience.


This hack contains the same storyline as the dialogue has been changed.


-Updated to 2nd-Gen graphics
-The casino prizes have been edited
-All of the pokemarts have been edited
-Edited all of the in-game rival encounters
-Pokemon experience gains have been modified
-Overworld pokemon levels have been modified
-Pokemon starting move sets have been updated
-Lowered professor oak's aids item requirements
-Updated the difficulty to catch in-game pokemon
-All of the in-game pokemon trades have been updated
-Changed the types of pokemon that cycle through at the title screen
-All of the gym leader's and elite 4's pokemon teams have been edited
-Changed the number of TMs you recieve after obtaining a gym badge to three
-The levels and types of pokemon that appear in caves, grass, and water have been edited


Progress ( Complete )

Elite 4 - 100%
Pokemarts - 100%
Gym Leaders - 100%
Title Screen - 100%
Casino Prizes - 100%
Updated Graphics - 100%
Pokemon Move Sets - 100%
Pokemon EXP Gains - 100%
Pokemon Encounters - 100%
Pokemon Catch Rate - 100%
Professor Oak's Aids - 100%
In-Game Pokemon Trades - 100%
In-Game Rival Encounters - 100%

Download Patch

Credits - for letting me host my images - for creating the Lunar ISP tool - for letting me host my patch for download - for creating the editors to make my romhack - for letting me upload gameplay footage of my romhack - for the Pokémon Red - Gen. II Graphics Patch (Danny-E 33) - for helping me understand how to use this tool (Nightcrawler)


twitter: @Proud_Eyes
email: [email protected]

Pokemon Red 3DS-XL friend code : 1864-9639-1699 (Zeheart)

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