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content would be nice if we had a reward to make it. If we're just going to be a "dump all your **** here" forum, we already have for that and frankly just close everything down we're not going anywhere.

The point is to provide an alternative community for hacking. One that makes it fun. So what I think should happen is that we get a bit "off topic" for the sake of not feeling too uptight (I'm well aware that we need to focus on hacking, but a little more would help ease up the atmosphere) and though we don't want 40 forums about not rom-hacking like last time we should separate the programming from the design. We have a whole forum to work with, rather than one section like Pokécommunity. And we're a general ROM hacking forum at that, so having a lot of different kinds of sections (as opposed to just a lot of sections) is at least part of our goal.

I think that there should be one or two more off-topic sections (again, I don't have any details) and a section where people can avoid all the programming and documentation and just create storylines, artwork, etc. I find that what drives a lot of people away from ROM Hacking is that they think it's all programming and documentation, where it's actually more creativity than anything. So focusing on the "creativity" would be more productive than just clumping them in one huge mess as it is right now.

and this next point is important

pia, you said "we're just a place to dump all your info" when I said about "making this fun". (granted, you were tired and I was being a ***** but still)

Well, if that's the case, then, even objectively, we won't be going anywhere. We're not being paid in money - we're being paid in the form of a lifetime of memories and experiences. If we just need to dump our hacks, and not focused about the experience of making the hacks, well, we already have a general ROM hacking site for that. We need to make our experience unique. Like, so different that we could theoretically trademark the experience, if it came down to that. That's how we attract members. We need to have a reason to exist, rather than just some kid's dreams of being the admin of a successful forum. I mean, the dream is why we're here, but the reason is why we stay.

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