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What if we do a series of hacking related contests that don't have to be related to our "serious" hacks.

For example, a 24-hour mini-hack contest. You come up with the best mini-hack of some game that you can in 24 hours. (we could hold things like this whenever we felt like I guess.) Then we can play them and vote on a winner in different categories. If you're good with graphics but not other things like scripting, you could try to come up with a graphic overhaul as your entry for example. Just a way to have some fun and show off some of your strengths in ways that might not make sense in a "normal" hack.

Another thing we could do is a hack-of-the-month or other contest similar to Pokecommunity, although we'd need to come up with a way to make ours unique.

Just a couple of ideas.

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